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Re: Minutes of the 2003-06-27 RDF Core WG telecon

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Eric, I sent a couple of regrets...

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Minutes of the 2003-06-27 RDF Core WG telecon

- http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-rdfcore-wg/2003Jun/0176.html

- jjc, EMiller, Pat_Hayes, GrahamKlyne, Jang, FrankM, bwm, DanC

- miked, daveb, danbri

Meeting Summary:

7: Review of Owl test cases

ACTION: jang to respond to webont with a 'good job'!. context,

8: CC/PP response to RDFCore comments

DECISION: Action bwm to respond to cc/pp stating that RDFCore's
comments have been addressed to RDFCore's satisfaction.

ACTION: bwm to respond to cc/pp saying we're satisfied with their
document changes based on our feedback. context,

9: Post last call comment from I18N

10: Issue horst-01

DECISION: to close horst-01 by moving to intensional semantics for
subClassOf ('if' rather than 'if and only if'), and by including new
rules rdfs12a and rdfs12b in additional part of rules section.

ACTION: bwm to get schema editor to reflect intensional
subClassOf/subPropertyOf in schema spec. context,

ACTION: Frank to check primer. context,

ACTION: PatH to deliver semantics draft (eta tues). context,

ACTION: add tests for intensional subClassOf semantics. context,

ACTION: DanC to inform WebOnt. context,

ACTION: PatH to respond to the commentor (ter horst). context,

11: Issue qu-03

ACTION: path to propose a joint resolution of qu-03 and ??? (and moved
to someday pile). context,

12: Schedule

ACTION: bwm to check that the xml schema responses get cc'd to the
right place. context,

ACTION: jjc to review syntax document at report back by july 4 via
email. context, http://www.w3.org/2003/06/27-rdfcore-irc#T15-37-01

ACTION: jang review concepts document. context,

ACTION: path review concepts document. context,

ACTION: jjc inform list when concepts doc is ready for
review. context, http://www.w3.org/2003/06/27-rdfcore-irc#T15-39-52

ACTION: bwm, to ask xml schema working group ... specificially in
terms of a test case. context,

IRC log:
- http://www.w3.org/2003/06/27-rdfcore-irc

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