review of primer - thumbs up

summary: no show stoppers.

1. FIX: subject of a statement (after last call)


concepts defines the subject of a *triple* to be an RDF URI Reference.


Schema defines the subject of a *statement* to be the resource named by the 
URI that is the subject of the triple.

Primer describes the subject of a *statement* to be a URI reference.  This 
mixes the two definitions.

I suggest the text in section 4.3 on Reification needs to be reviewed 
against the text in the schema doc to ensure consistency.

2. Amused

[[ ex:fred is an ex:primaryDriver of the instance ex:companyVan  ]]

If you read that aloud, it sounds like there has been a serious accident :)

3. remove changes section at the end

Received on Friday, 10 January 2003 17:12:17 UTC