Telecon minutes: 2003-08-08



date: 2003-08-08

Roll call
  Dave Beckett
  Dan Brickley
  Jeremy Carroll
  Mike Dean
  Jos deRoo
  Jan Grant (scribe)
  Pat Hayes
  Frank Manola
  Brian McBride (chair)
  Patrick Stickler

Regrets: Graham Klyne

Review agenda:
  Discussion on xmlsch-02 added.
  danbri called for a review of the French translation

Next telecon:
  Next telecon 15 Aug 2003 1000 Boston Time
  Chair will be danbri (regrets from Brian)
  Scribe will be picked at the meeting

Minutes of last telecon:

Item 6: Confirm status of completed actions

Item 7: Withdrawn actions.

Item 8: Miscellaneous actions.
  jang hoped to have some feedback wrt xmlsch-02 for Dave R this week.

Item 9: <br /> test case
  DaveB: we're strictly testing another spec, but this doesn't hurt.

ACTION 20030808#1 jang add <br/> test case (without html namespace)
ACTION 20030808#2 daveb feedback to raiser wrt <br/> test case

Item 10: Syntactic restriction on rdf:XMLLiteral datatype
  There was no support for this restriction; the WG preferred a
  'suggested practice' FAQ.

ACTION 20030808#3 pats draft an FAQ for XMLLiteral \
	via rdf:parsetype= or rdf:datatype=

Item 11: I18N update

  BWM reported back briefly from the last telecon.

Item 12: denotation of rdf:XMLLiteral
  See thread beginning:

  There was some support amongst the WG for a modified version of
  PatH/PFPS' proposal.

  However PatS felt strongly that the value space for XMLLiteral should
  be concretely grounded in infoset.

  In the end there was support for a treatment of XMLLiteral and the
  xsd primitive types that produced distinct value spaces (a la xsd
  itself) while noting that applications may choose to define further
  equivalence relationships between members of the types.

ACTION 20030808#4 jjc to put together a proposal for XMLLiteral for \
	joint WG and MD consumption.

Item 13: Implementation report.

  jjc expressed dissatisfaction with the QA test group guidelines.

  bwm suggested a CR might be needed to build up test cases that covered
  "normal" cases rather than the illustrative corner cases we currently
  have (which arose out of WG decisions)

AOB: xmlsch-02

  In general, implementors are doing something other than the specs
  dictate wrt whitespace treatment of XSD literals: partly due to
  the behaviour of supporting XML libraries.

  jjc felt that wording that gave implementations room to do WS
  processing ("be liberal in what you accept...") was appropriate.

Status of documents.


ACTION 20030808#5 bwm review section 4.5 of current ED of primer.

Syntax: DaveB reported some new text, including the NFC wording.

Schema: the proposal wrt pfps-11 was to accept the cut text and
	simply cross-reference the primer.
Proposed: danbri. Multiple abstentions (jjc, path, pats)

ACTION 20030808#6 path to draft a sentence for alternative reification \
	text to go into schema.

  PatH reported that he was addressing the remaining objections on
  Monday; that the closure rules were not and were never intended to be
  strongly complete (in the face of inconsistency).

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