RE: Answer to the question: What is a "value" to RDF

>  > > Well hold on. It isn't clear that there are any RDF classes
>>  denoting
>>  > datatypes, at present. In the S proposal, for example,
>>  datatype names
>>  > are RDF property names, not class names. So I do not know from what
>>  > population you are getting 'most' here.
>>  Right. I stand corrected. I should have stated "Most RDF resources
>>  denoting..."
>Actually, I take that back.
>rdfs:range expects a class as its value, and I think it is
>a fairly reasonable assumption that data types are classes,
>per the semantics of subClassOf, etc. so even though it might
>not be strictly stated somewhere that data types are RDF classes,
>I think it is fair to assume they are, and perhaps it should
>be stated as such.

Well, the S proposal would have them be properties. And I have to 
admit, even though my name is on a different proposal, that this idea 
of datatypes as properties does rather better capture the intuition 
that the core notion in datatyping is a *mapping* from a lexical to a 
value space.

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