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My summary of Data Typing (as requested by Pat)

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Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 14:48:46 +0200
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> I would like each author to say 
> (1) what they take a datatyping scheme to be, 

The pairing of a URI denoting a data type having both a lexical
and value space and an RDF Literal constituting a member of
the lexical space (a lexical form).

>(2) what RDF vocabulary 
> is being presupposed in order to refer to datatyping schemes in 
> general in the RDFS examples, and 

rdf:type            pairs a literal with a data type URI

rdf:range           suggests a pairing of a literal property value with
                    a data type URI

rdfs:subClassOf     a relation between two data types asserting that
                    the value space of the subordinate type is a perfect 
                    subset of the value space of the superordinate type
                    (no relation between lexical spaces is asserted)

rdfs:subPropertyOf  a relation between properties from which one may
                    infer that the data type defined as the range for
                    the subordinate property has a subClassOf relation 
                    to the data type defined as the range for the
                    superordinate property

> (3) the particular datatyping 
> schemes in use in the examples, and the particular vocabulary assumed 
> to be associated with them; and 

I'm not sure how to answer this one, other than say that
examples should employ consistent and explicit means to
define the pairing between lexical form and data type.

> (4) any assumptions about this 
> 'reserved' RDF(S) vocabulary that are assumed by the proposal

I think this is covered in the answer to #2 above.




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