Re: heading toward datatyping telecon

Pat Hayes wrote:


> Oh, I agree its not helpful to conflate them. But let me probe this 
> other usage a little. Consider various kinds of numerals, eg decimal, 
> hexadecimal, octal, binary. Obviously these all have the same value 
> space, so it doesn't make sense to use something like 'octal number' to 
> refer to a value space. So I'm left wondering what this usage is 
> supposed to mean.  For example, what is a decimal *integer* ?

Yes, I agree.  That's why I don't expect to see arcs labelled rdf:type with 
xsd:integer at the sharp end.  I expect rdf:type to identify the class of the 
node at its blunt end, and I think of the class of the object as identifying its 
value space, and is independent of its lexical space.

My mental model.  I can change it its wrong; but I don't think its uncommon.


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