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Introduction: Pat Hayes

From: pat hayes <phayes@ai.uwf.edu>
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 15:29:35 -0500
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Hi folks

As a W3C newbie, I gather I am supposed to introduce myself.

My background is in AI work on reasoning and Krep, with a particular 
focus on logic and semantics.  Long ago, I did some of the early work 
on the foundations of logic programming, and on what is now called 
'ontology' work. I have continued to be concerned with formal 
language semantics, ontology development and knowledge 
representation, particularly in spatial and temporal knowledge. (In 
another incarnation I have also been a professor of philosophy, with 
a particular interest in philosophy of mind and cognitive science; I 
retain a continuing interest in the philosophy of consciousness.) 
More recently, I have been working (with others) on a revision of the 
KIF formalism.

Although usually located in ivory towers of one kind or another, I 
have worked in industrial research centers (Schlumberger and Xerox), 
and once was a reasonably competent LISP/BCPL programmer. I first 
learned programming writing assembler for a Ferranti Atlas. 
Currently, my salary is paid mostly from consultancy and 
contract-funded research ("Will Do Research For Food") at IHMC, an 
interdisciplinary institute on the Florida panhandle, which has a 
particular interest in distance education, remote collaboration, 
software agents, knowledge engineering and so on. I got involved with 
RDF largely through the DAML project, which interests me particularly 
because of the logical challenges that arise when formal ontologies 
have to be able to survive in an open-ended 'public' world.

I might add that I have been getting slightly bored with traditional 
AI for a while now, and find the new Web world far more energizing 
and interesting and (in spite of the hype) potentially important, 
which is why it is worth some effort to getting RDF as right as 

Pat Hayes
IHMC					(850)434 8903   home
40 South Alcaniz St.			(850)202 4416   office
Pensacola,  FL 32501			(850)202 4440   fax
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