Telecon 2001-08-31 Draft minutes

RDFCore WG minutes for the Telecon 2001-08-31


Roll call -

   - Art Barstow
   - Dave Beckett
   - Frank Boumphrey
   - Dan Connolly
   - Ron Daniels
   - Bill dehOra
   - Jos De Roo
   - Jan Grant (scribe)
   - Martyn Horner
   - Graham Klyne
   - Ora Lassila
   - Brian McBride (chair)
   - Eric Miller
   - Frank Manola
   - Stephen Petschulat
   - Aaron Swartz
   - Pat Hayes


   Daniel Brickley, Jeremey Carroll, Mike Dean, Sergei Melnik


   Frank Boumphrey, Rael Dornfest, Yoshiyuki Kitahara, Michael Kopchenov,
   KWON Hyung-Jin, Satoshi Nakamura, Pierre G. Richard, Guha

Review agenda:

   No AOB

Review minutes of previous meeting:

   Accepted with the corrections listed.

Review completed actions:

  ACTION: 2001-08-02#14 Pat Hayes
	Discuss cycles in rdfs:subClassOf and rdfs:subPropertyOf with
	DAML folks and report back to us.

  ACTION: 2001-08-17#7 Pat Hayes
	Pat Hayes write strawman WD on model theory with reification and
	containers removed.

  ACTION: 2001-08-24#1 Brian McBride
	Collect photos and place on face to face page

  ACTION: 2001-08-24#3-1 Dave Beckett
	Update Syntax draft

  ACTION: 2001-08-24#4 Dave Beckett
	Collect comments on the draft by email.

  ACTION: 2001-08-24#5 Pat Hayes
	Get model theory draft draft updated.

  ACTION: 2001-08-24#6 Pat Hayes
	Collect comments on model theory.

  ACTION: 2001-08-24#7 Eric Miller
	Help Pat with document formatting.
  DONE. (also DanC, Aaron?)

  ACTION: 2001-08-24#9 Pat Hayes
	Write up summary of issues with containers

Review open actions:

  ACTION: 2001-07-06#2 Dan Brickley
	write test cases for the RDF schema issues that are impacted by

  ACTION: 2000-07-20#10 Bill dehOra
	create xml:lang use cases.

  ACTION: 2000-07-20#10 Eric Miller
	For 2001-07-20 minutes re character-encoding issue, to write up his
	correction and  send to list.

  ACTION: 2001-08-02#7 Dave Beckett
	With help from Art and Jan, investigate how to represent
	RDF/XML grammar and the specification of the transformation of
	RDF/XML to a graph representation.

  ACTION: 2001-08-02#12 Jan Grant
	Post message to list about how EASEL uses datatypes.

  ACTION: 2001-08-02#23 Brian McBride
	Update schedule to aim for WWW2002 announcement.

  ACTION: 2001-08-02#9 2001-08-02#25 2001-08-02#26 2001-08-02#27
   2001-08-02#28 2001-08-02#29 2001-08-02#30 2001-08-02#31 2001-08-02#32
   2001-08-02#32 2001-08-02#17 2001-08-02#19 Dan Brickley
	Fold agreed changes into RDF Schema WD

  ACTION: 2001-08-17#5 Eric Miller
	Write a newletter summary of the face to face for ciculation to
	the W3C members.

  ACTION:  Martyn Horner
	update glosary document and collect feedback.
  CONTINUES. ("But it's going well")

  ACTION: 2001-08-24#2 Brian McBride
	Respond to request for slot in technical plenary

  ACTION: 2001-08-24#3 Brian McBride
	Collect a list of other groups that the WG is interested in
	meeting with.
  CONTINUES. (We need to get Brian feedback on this)

  ACTION: 2001-08-24#8 Dave Beckett
	Write up a proposed resolution for reifying using XML attributes anly

Review syntax working draft V1.23

  This document is available at:

  Dave summarises his email; the major concerns are over a title change
  (suggested, "Refactoring RDF/XML syntax") and inserting a warning
  about some browsers' poor rendering of the <ins> and <del> markup.

  RESOLVED: to change the title of the document and insert a warning
	about the browser display issues; that Dave should exercise
	editorial discretion over the other items mentioned in his
	email; to publish this next week.

  ACTION: 2001-08-31#01 : Art - to act as team contact for the purposes
	of getting the Syntax working draft V1.23 (plus amendments)
	through the W3C publishing process.

Issue rdfs-no-cycles-in-subClassOf

  Review and consider response from DAML+OIL.

  Pat reported that DAML "strongly urged" the WG to adopt their
  interpretation of rdfs:subClassOf in order to preserve the "layering"
  of DAML+OIL on top of RDFS.

  DanC pointed out that the interpretation of a subClassOf loop should
  be that the classes involved were coextensional, not intentionally

  There was concern that a member of the WG (Sergei), amongst others,
  had expressed some doubts about the reception of this change in the OO
  programming community.

  Frank M, Pat and others said that:
  1. this wasn't a showstopper - a loop might be detected at compile
     time for source code derived from an RDFS schema, this was
     acceptable behaviour.
  2. that our intention with RDFS is to model classes (ontologically),
     not directly model classes as they occur in OO languages (same
     word, different meanings)

  There is some urgency to get a resolution to this issue in order to
  make DAML+OIL publication run smoothly. A tentative resolution might
  be to resolve to permit loops in rdfs:subClassOf, with the expectation
  of a specialisation of that property that forbids loops.

  The WG decided that it was important to hear back from Sergei about
  what he felt about that proposal (since he raised the issue at the
  F2F). Thus:

  ACTION: 2001-08-31#02 : Frank M - to chase Sergei for his reaction to
	this proposed resolution to issue rdfs-no-cycles-in-subClassOf
	when he returns (or shortly thereafter)

At this point the Teleconference was curtailed due to a lack of time.
Brian indicated that he'd like to make the MT the priority next week;
next meeting to be one week hence.

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