Introduction: Aaron Swartz

Hello all,

My name is Aaron Swartz and I'm participating in this group on behalf of the
HTML Writers Guild[1]. My interests are in this project are quite varied,

 - in working to integrate the RDF and the Semantic Web with the web pages
we already have (through the Blogspace[2] project)

 - collecting and sifting through RDF metadata to build useful informational
systems (through the Info Network[3])

 - building a strong foundation for the growth of the Semantic Web (through
my work with SWAG: The Semantic Web Agreement Group[4])

I began my interest in RDF relatively recently through the RSS project[5]
which works is a format for website authors to provide RDF metadata about
their sites for syndication and other purposes. It has been quite successful
so far. This drew me deeper into work with RDF doing numerous small
applications and learning more about it in the RDF-interest email list and
IRC forums.

I'm thrilled to be a part of this group and feel that we're truly working to
build the foundation of what will become a revolutionary force in the world.
As part of this, I feel it's extremely important to maintain focus of
real-world applications and test cases (as Dan Connolly has pointed out). I
also believe it is essential to maintain lines of communication with the
wide interest group, and the many RDF users, or future-RDF-users who are not
represented here.

Glad to be on board! See you at the teleconference.


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Received on Friday, 27 April 2001 07:40:24 UTC