Introduction: Mike Dean

I'm Principal Investigator for the DARPA Agent Markup
Language (DAML) [1] Integration and Transition effort and
chair of the Joint US/EU ad hoc Agent Markup Language
committee [2].  I've been working with RDF since July 2000,
and have developed several DAML/RDF tools.

Some additional background information is available on my
home page [3].

Some objectives I have:

1) identifying contributions that the DAML program can make
to RDF Core (vs. the proposed higher level Web Ontology
Working Group).  Possibilities that immediately come to mind
include formal semantics and experience with XML Schema data

2) providing a simple means (e.g. standardized statement
IDs) short of the current reification mechanisms to "tag"
large numbers of statements with source information,
timestamps, etc.  See [4].

3) ensuring that RDF continues to provide a suitable base
for building DAML

I look forward to working with the group!






Received on Wednesday, 25 April 2001 12:42:08 UTC