Re: RDF changes

Hi Jos, wrote:
> Jena and SiRPAC seem to be glad with
> <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=""
>          xmlns:rdfc=""
>          xmlns="file:/daml/reification/n3.n3#">
>     <rdf:Description>
>         <rdfc:is rdf:parseType="Quote">

Haven't tried it myself, but I haven't done anything to add Quote
parseType support to Dave Megginson's RDF Filter (yet) which is what
Jena uses.  I presume its following the spec and treating parseType's it
doesn't recognise as parseType="Literal".

Sorry your not going to make the phone conference.  Graham can't make it
either.  I hope that not too many folks will me missing.  The main item
on the agenda is going to be issues up for discussion.  It would be good
if you could send round your thoughts on email, even if its I don't


Received on Wednesday, 25 April 2001 06:33:13 UTC