Getting started ...

It is time to get started.  To kick things off I'm making this proposal
for how we proceed.

Our schedule is:

   May  - publish revised issue list, initial update MS errate page
   June - face to face
   Aug  - public working draft documents

The approach I propose is that we begin by focusing on describing and
resolving the issues, then move to a spec writing phase once the key
issues are resolved.  There are currently 41 model and syntax issues,
14 schema issues and one against the FAQ.

This way we will be able to split the work out amongst ourselves,
bringing back descriptions, analysis and recommendations for
consideration by the group as a whole.

I propose that by end of May we aim to:

  o classify the issues
  o update the issue list with clear descriptions and analysis of
    the issues
  o update the errata pages

By the end of the June face to face we:

  o have have key issues resolved
  o document structure agreed
  o editors appointed

By end of August we:

  o have first public drafts of documents

We need to get started writing up the issues and proposing resolutions. 
In deciding how to order things we should bear in mind:

  o some quick wins would be good
  o take the ones on which others depend early
  o take the unknowns that could have a big impact early
  o take the ones that facilitate the process early
  o cluster related issues together

So here is a possible clustering:

  Editorial - quick fix in the errata
  Out of scope - not our job
  WG Global - terminology, document structure etc
  Core model - resources, uri's, anon resources, reification, ...
  XML Syntax - all pure syntax related issues
  Schema - all schema related issues
  Vocabulary - issues relating to things which can be built on the core
               model, e.g. containers
  Relationships - relationships with other specifications
  Misc - other

My list of things I'd like to see volunteers to begin work on includes:

  o proposing updates to the errata documents
  o proposing a glossary
  o taking a first look at integrating schema data types
  o taking a first look at issues raised by the DAML group
  o proposing a working model for resources, uri's, entities,
    fragment id's etc


Received on Friday, 20 April 2001 08:32:09 UTC