Introduction : Dave Beckett

Hi all - I have worked with metadata on the net since 1995, starting
with IAFA templates, if you remember those, and moving on to work
with the Dublin Core (1997-) and RDF (1998-).  Since then I have
deployed many metadata and searching systems using DC and RDF for
describing web pages and software at the University of Kent at
Canterbury / UK Mirror Service till 2000 when I moved to ILRT at the
University of Bristol to work with the group here.

I'm the main author of the Dublin Core XML/RDF document, edit a large
the RDF resource guide, edit the DMOZ RDF area, look after some Perl
Metadata:: modules, tinker with PNG image metadata, RDF IRC chat logs
and bot and run several DC/RDF web crawlers.  Recently I have
developed the Redland RDF application framework at ILRT for my
current project and used it to provide RSS 1.0 and RDF demonstrations
as well as doing evaluations of RDF/XML parsers.  Since then I have
written my own one called Rapier which I hope to extend.

My interest is pragmatic, implementation led research aiming at
getting running code and hope I can provide practical support, tools,
early prototypes and experience for the RDF core work.

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Received on Wednesday, 18 April 2001 09:36:06 UTC