Introduction: Pierre Richard


My name is Pierre Richard and I'm a new member of the RDFCore WG.
I have been working on blahML since 1987, starting at the TJ Watson IBM
research where I wrote YASP, the first full-featured SGML Parser.

My interest in Markup Languages started while working at the ISO WG8 group,
SGML but also DSSSL.  Since, I have conceived and developped many core
technologies applications (XML, XSLT, Java) for the companies I worked with.

I'm currently responsible for XML technologies at Brience Inc. in San
and I'm working on several projects for content recognition and

Even if I am new to RDF, I feel it already as the missing piece of the
ways for "labelling" content.  My goals in working with this group is to try
to keep the specs enough simple so to be "applicable".


Received on Monday, 16 April 2001 01:29:39 UTC