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Media Advisory: October 2021 Web Consortium Strategic Highlights

From: Amy van der Hiel <amy@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2021 08:20:25 -0400
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Dear Friends of W3C,

Twice a year the World Wide Web Consortium produces a Strategic Highlights report on our work of the previous six months. This week we released the October 2021 Strategic Highlights:

The report, compiled by our Head of Marketing and Communications, Coralie Mercier, highlights the work of the W3C Community to enhance the Web platform and towards its growth and strength so that the web remains a tool that has and will continue to accelerate scientific cooperation and discoveries, a social means to bridge families and friends, a way to learn online and grow skills, an instrument to conduct successful business, and much more.

Usage of the Web and W3C standards has intensified as the global pandemic continues to weigh on society. The Web has become a key technical infrastructure in a world where travel and physical contacts need to be limited. People use it for e-commerce, home learning, telehealth, conducting business in new ways, entertainment or staying in touch with family and friends.

Themes of the report include: Future Web Standards, Business ecosystems: Meeting Industry Needs, W3C Project Management: Strengthening the Core of the Web, Web for All and Outreach to the world.

We are proud that the Web Consortium's work continues to be essential to the ways in which our world is meeting the challenge of the health crisis while working on the solutions for the web of the future.

The Strategic Highlights Report is released at the time of our “W3C annual conference (TPAC)” of collaborative meetings that gather the community to create momentum and collective brainstorming.  https://www.w3.org/2021/10/TPAC/

We invite you to review the Highlights. Please contact me if you would like any more information or to set up time to discuss some aspects of it in depth with an expert from our team.
Thank you.

Amy van der Hiel
W3C Media Relations Coordinator
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