proposed agenda for teleconference, 16 sep

I apologize for not proposing earlier the agenda for today's call.

The SAFIR Group has sent a review document to me, but Bruce and Neil
have not had a chance to examine it themselves.  My reading of the
review is that there are some fundamental reservations about (a) using
operator precedence parsing so extensively, and (b) using presentation
list data as the basis for multiple renderings.  If at least one of
Ste'phane or Stephen and at least one of Bruce or Neil are present for
today's call, we can perhaps discuss these items.  I have in mind
elucidation rather than defense of ideas.

It's also fine with me to pass on the above and wait for discussion
when all parties have read whatever materials are to be posted.  I
expect the posting to be made shortly (by Wednesday of this week).

I'm open to other suggestions for conversation when people attach to
the line today.