Basic Examples


I have started putting out some basic examples of the kind Ron has
been posting.  The main page is


Needless to say, it is pretty slow, unless you have the 
Windows 95 Netscape 3.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0 with a JIT compiler.
At the moment, I have the classes packed up as a Netscape archive,
which speeds download a bit but it is far from blinding.  When it gets
a bit more stable, I'll pack it up as an Internet Explorer cabinet
file, which allows you to store a local copy.  That is fast.  You can
do the same thing, in effect under Unix, with either Netscape or IE.

Most of the grungy stuff, like handling Unicode, is done, so the
rendering is going pretty fast.  Check back every couple of days for
new features.  Moveable scripts will be done tomorrow.  Accents the
day after, etc.

Let me know when you find the bugs.