sep30/oct1 meeting

Although I've had some people who have said that Providence would be
ok as a meeting site, the main point seems to be that no one has
objected to Cambridge --- so Cambridge it is.

Bob Sutor has informed me that another trip of his has been extended,
and this will mean he won't be able to attend our meeting.  Other
members of the meeting list, i.e.:

Ste'phane Dalmas, INRIA (SAFIR)
Stan Devitt, Maplesoft
Stephen Glim, Mathsoft
Patrick Ion, Math Reviews
Robert Miner, The Geometry Center
Nico Poppelier, Elsevier
Dave Raggett, W3C
Bruce Smith, Wolfram
Neil Soiffer, Wolfram
Ron Whitney, AMS
Lauren Wood, SoftQuad
Ralph Youngen, AMS

with the exception of Glim, Raggett and Youngen have been booked into
the Hyatt (Hyatt Regency, 545 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02139,
800-233-1234, 617-492-1234, MIT Rate: $140) for the nights of Sep28-30
and Oct 1.  Please let me know your travel plans so that we have some
idea of when to expect people.  Also please let me know your real dates
of stay, so that I can release rooms as necessary.

Please register at register@w3.org with the form I sent in a previous

Susan Hardy tells me that she has secured a room at the MIT Faculty
Club for Monday and Tuesday until 3:00pm.  If we continue to past 3:00
on Tuesday, she has another room available, but we'll have to move out
of the one we've had until then.  For Sunday, we can meet informally
at the Laboratory for Computer Science (where W3C is located) or find
space in the Hyatt or on the streets of Boston.  Perhaps we can beg
for change by discussing HTML-Math at a Red Line stop.  Such is the
status of W3C committees before they actually become Working Groups.

In regard working materials, Dave said he thought we could have a
Linux box and it would be connectable to an overhead display.  Bruce
perhaps is bringing a Mac.  Anything else?