further on accommodations

Well ... @!%&#** ... the Royal Sonesta says it's close to full for the
end of this month and that a block will cost us $179/room.  Also that,
even if we went at it as individuals, there would be some threshold
beyond which the $135 rate would blow up.  Welcome to market logic.

The Marriott is fully booked for Saturday the 28th.  I've booked a
block at the Hyatt for $140/night, covering the nights of the
28th-30th and the 1st.  Individuals can tell me what their anticipated
stays will be, and I can make changes.  I've given the Hyatt 11 names
from the list previously posted, but have left out Raggett and
Youngen.  The next few people to register may well be able to get into
the Royal Sonesta (or if for some reason one of the 11 would like to
change to the RS, go ahead and take a shot at it).

The alternative to this is Providence or a more scattered approach
(catch-as-catch-can) to Boston/Cambridge hotels.  I do apologize for
not being able to determine this all sooner.  This should (and could)
have been done a month ago.