sep30/oct1 meeting & WG Charter

Yesterday I was given the following list of local accommodations
for our meeting this month.


Cambridge Marriott Hotel
2 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142
MIT Rate:  $149.00
Kendall Square; walking distance to MIT

Royal Sonesta
5 Cambridge Parkway
Cambridge, MA 02142
MIT Rate: $135
Approximately half mile from MIT.

Hyatt Regency
545 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139
MIT Rate: $140
Just under one mile from MIT.

These rates seem pretty high to me, but they reflect the situation in
Boston.  An alternative would be to meet at AMS in Providence where
the local Marriott gives us an $82 rate for rooms.  Providence has its
niceties (e.g. good restaurants), but is a much smaller city than
Boston.  Transportation to and from Logan airport in Boston takes
about 1 1/2 hours and runs frequently.  I can also control meeting
logistics somewhat more easily here in Providence than in Cambridge;
W3C has been very slow to respond to inquiries.

Left to my own criteria for decision, I'm inclined to book a block of
rooms at the Royal Sonesta and have everyone stay there.  The $135
rate is not a block price, and there's some chance we can get a
slightly better rate with 10 or more reservations.  Susan Hardy at W3C
tells me that the Hyatt is on a main highway (Memorial Boulevard) and
doesn't provide much pleasant immediately outside the hotel.

If someone would like to stay somewhere other than the RS, please let
me know so that I can remove a name from the block if it comes to
that.  If several people prefer something other than the RS, I can
broach another suggestion to the group, but we should make
arrangements by next week, if not by early next week.

My list of attendees is currently:

Ste'phane Dalmas, INRIA (SAFIR)
Stan Devitt, Maplesoft
Stephen Glim, Mathsoft
Patrick Ion, Math Reviews
Robert Miner, The Geometry Center
Nico Poppelier, Elsevier
Dave Raggett, W3C
Bruce Smith, Wolfram
Neil Soiffer, Wolfram
Bob Sutor, IBM
Ron Whitney, AMS
Lauren Wood, SoftQuad
Ralph Youngen, AMS


Susan of W3C would also like each attendee to register with W3C
by email.  To do so, please send information as specified in:

        City, State/Province/Region, Postal Code
Company Url

to the address register@w3.org.  I suggest we also use something like
"html-math wg/ Sep30" as the subject line to distinguish our meeting.


Discussions with Tim Berners-Lee at W3C have resulted in a preliminary
charter for this Working Group, which can be accessed via:


I think this contains no surprises, but a new item on our meeting agenda is
to actually come up with a real charter.  We had a place on the agenda
to discuss such generalities, so I don't think this will take us off
track, but we'll have to settle on specific wording.

Susan Hardy will be posting an announcement to W3C members about
_creation_ of the Working Group and asking if anyone wishes to join
the Group.  We may then have some new members, but my sense is that
Dave made a good effort to canvass the organizations he thought might
be interested.  We'll see.  In this announcement will be a statement
to the effect that we will "meet" sometime around the end of November
or early December.  Tim assures me that this can be a teleconference,
so I don't have the objections I did when I thought a face-to-face
meeting might be required at that time.