Re: small samples: macros?

Robert S. Sutor/Watson/IBM Research wrote:
> One thing that occurred to me when looking at your
> recent samples is that "good" TeX authors define macros
> for things like vectors, so they have
> \def\Vector#1{{\bf #1}}
> or whatever, so that they can adjust the formatting at any time
> for all vectors. We use something similar in an an internal
> project and add some type information as well. While I know
> you were asking about the final, expanded expressions, what
> are the plans to allow macros?

MINSE lets you use compounds to type things, much like
you have done above, allowing you to change the rendering
style of a given type all at once.  In this case the meaning
("this is a vector") remains unchanged.

MINSE also has plans for "macros" on top of this, which
are intended as purely a typing aid (not a means of
attaching semantics).  Changing a macro definition would
indeed change the meaning of expressions where it is invoked.