I had a discussion with Tim Berners-Lee at W3C late yesterday
afternoon, and got a better sense of what our status as a W3C entity
should be.  I'm composing a charter and some other formal statements
regarding the group today, and Tim feels that this information should
be disseminated to W3C members immediately so that any organization
which wants to participate in the Sep30/Oct1 may do so.  Dave did much
to assure that interested parties in his knowledge were informed of
the meeting (and generally of our efforts), but it's important that we
go through public formalities very soon.

Tim mentioned that we should not be called an "Electronic Review
Board", and we will be calling ourselves a Working Group as indicated
a couple of weeks ago.  I'm looking into what this entails in regard
privacy of our working materials, but I had the sense when speaking to
Dave before that proposals and minutes would be open to public access.
If anyone has misgivings about this, please let me know.  Tim said
that membership would be open to any W3C organization wishing to
supply a member (and willing to meet participation criteria, such as
providing a position paper) or by invitation.