proposed agenda for teleconference, 26 august

Here are some items on the plate which I think might
be valuable discussing on the Monday call:

1. Goals for the Sep30/Oct1 meeting and suggestions for agenda

    The scheme I posted previously as a preliminary preliminary agenda
    suggested that we solidify our ideas of the Wolfram Proposal and then
    play off it to incorporate other ideas.  I myself am concerned with
    (a) filtering TeX data into the standard and (b) understanding the
    WP's rendering abilities to non-visual targets (with macros and
    template-matching).  I can list many sub-concerns and think that
    running through examples may help a great deal, but I'd like people to
    suggest their own points for discussion.  I hope that the process of
    phrasing topics may allow for preliminary electronic discussion as well.


      Wolfram Proposal
        base language
        operator-precedence table
        extension by macros

        rendering to visual display, audio, CAS, etc.
          semantical cues

        interface with browsers, CSS, fonts

        filtering data from TeX, ISO 12083


      Dave Raggett's alternatives

    There will be advantage to dealing with specific issues of MINSE and
    Dave's ideas as their relevant points of comparison in the WP arise.

2. Semantics.  We can continue our electronic discussion regarding
the degree to which semantics will impinge on the HTML-Math standard.

3. We can also get updates from various parties involved in development.