addenda to minutes of august 19 call

Ping sent a couple of additions to the minutes of the Monday call and
I've posted them to the minutes archived on the AMS pages.  His comments

1. There was a noted dearth of direct renderers for any SGML math
notation.  Since no print or screen renderers are written (of which
those involved in the telephone call were aware), publishers accept
mathematical notation in other forms (e.g. AIP and Elsevier accept
many forms) and use an intermediate language for printing (AIP
currently converts to SGML from Xyvision *after* the print form is
created, although it has plans to move to SGML earlier in the process;
Elsevier, I think, converts author copy to SGML then allows their
multitude of vendors to handle the SGML in whatever way is deemed
best).  This isn't entirely surprising since SGML hasn't been billed
as a print or display form.

But, Lauren: what's the situation with SoftQuad?  I had the impression
at the DLI meeting in Champaign that SQ was working on a rendering
from 12083.

2. We discussed that semantical information could be retrieved from a
displayed form if proper links are maintained.  E.g., one might be
able to click on a symbol and have its meaning explained.