Re: small samples

(With regard to Item 8, Accents.)

Ron Whitney wrote:
> Notes:
> 1. Two of the fields are left blank because I'm uncertain as to how
>    accents will (or might) be specified in these situations. I know Rob
>    and Neil added an "<maccent>" element to their display-list
>    specification. In the case of MINSE, I'm also uncertain of the
>    underlying display language used to render a diacritic.

I'd have to ask you what operation the tilde was intended to
convey in this context, and then define a compound with such
a name.

For graphical rendering, the underlying display language
has a primitive called "ncl" (for "enclosure") which stretches
any character(s) in any compass orientation along the top,
left, bottom, or right side of an expression.  The compound
would use this primitive when asked to render itself to
"image"-type media.

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