small samples

Here are a couple more samples.  I'll go slowly because
I know there are adjustments to be made.  Comments are
very helpful.


Item 5 / pre-superscript

TeX:			{}^tx
Wolfram:		x^^^t
MINSE:			'fct(x,t)
Display-List (S):	<mprescripts>x<mc><mc>t</mscripts>
Display-List (MS):	
ISO 12083:		x<sup location="pre">1</sup>

1. I believe MINSE has no 'primitive' pre-scripting facilities (analogous
   to ";").  The function of the pre-scripting operator has to be encoded
   within a compound (arbitrarily named "fct" here).

Item 6 / superscript and pre-superscript

TeX:			{}^tx^2
Wolfram:		x^^^t^2
MINSE:			'exp('fct(x,t),2) or 'fct(x,t)^2
Display-List (S):	<mscripts><mprescripts>x<mc><mc>t</mscripts><mc><mc>2</mscripts>
Display-List (MS):	
ISO 12083:		x<sup location="pre">1</sup><sup>2</sup>

1. Is it true that DisplayList format has no "flat" rendering for
   this? i.e. the expression is nested one way or another (in
   expression, not rendering)?  Not a 'problem', just wondering.

2. In cases where tensor notation is *not* required, I assume that
   strings of characters can also be used in Wolfram notation, a la
   "x^^^{t_1}^2" and "x^^^{ut}___1^2".