Re: small samples

Dave Raggett wrote:
> There is no "Raggett:" representation as such since the whole
> point of the approach I am recommending is that the surface
> syntax is malleable and that the linked rule base defines
> how to map this to the display schema and clipboard formats.

I guess that i should also mention, as a follow-up to my
last post about "small samples", that the MINSE notation
is also malleable (though not as malleable as what Dave
has in mind).

The examples i gave used the current basic "math notation"
definition.  Of course, it would be easy to change the
names, symbols, precedence, or associativity of any of
the operators if you wanted.

Another possibly significant point to make is that, while
the examples were entitled "subscript", "superscript",
and such, the MINSE samples represent the mathematical
relationships typically rendered as sub/superscript
(e.g. exponentiation), and do not directly mean "superscript".

The only reason for the distinction between ".idx" and
".upidx", for example, is that sometimes a raised index
and a lowered index have no difference in meaning at all,
but are rendered that way just for stylistic reasons,
so it is convenient to allow a couple of alternatives.

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