small samples

I'm collecting a basic set of notational samples which we might all
use as reference.  They'll be ordered, in some sense, from the simple
to the complex, and to keep the mail down, I'll only send around small
segments at a time, keeping the full list posted at the AMS ERB area.

For each example, I'm intending to include: (a) a TeX form, (b) a
Wolfram form, (c) a MINSE form, (d) a Raggett form, (e) display-list
form (I'm starting with "Smith" and a "Miner/Soiffer" subforms), and
(f) an ISO 12083 form.  Forms in each of the categories may not be
unique.  If there is interest (I would be, but can't do justice to the
others), we might add other forms corresponding to Raman's audio,
OpenMath, and Pike forms.  I welcome corrections, suggestions, and

We'll start at the easy end with some subscripts and superscripts.



Item 1 / simple subscript

TeX:		x_1
Wolfram:	x_1
MINSE:		x;1 or x .dnidx 1
Display-List/S:	<mscripts>x<mc>1<mc></mscripts>
ISO 12083:	x<inf>1</inf>

1. The Wolfram method uses a transform of "_" to go from input to display-list.
2. The compound ".dnidx" for MINSE is simply a possibility for naming the
   role of the 1 as index.
3. In this, and other examples, I'm uncertain as to how Dave would do the
4. Bruce made a point of saying the <mc> "element" in his display-list notation
   doesn't readily transfer to the Miner/Soiffer variant.  Perhaps I missed
   it, but I didn't see how Robert and Neil intended to handle this (not that
   the problem is difficult).

Item 2 / nested subscript

TeX:		s_{i_k}
Wolfram:	s_i_k
MINSE:		s;(i;k) or s .dnidxa (i .dnidxb k)
Display-List/S:	<mscripts>s<mc><mscripts>i<mc>k<mc></mscripts><mc></mscripts>
ISO 12083:	s<inf>i<inf>k</inf></inf>

1. Wolfram takes advantage of right associativity.
2. The both subscripts are indexes, although they're still (potentially)
   different objects semantically.  This is why I've used one MINSE notation
   to separate the two.

Item 3 / simple superscript

TeX:		x^2
Wolfram:	x^2
MINSE:		x*2 or 'exp(x,2)
Display-List/S:	<mscripts>x<mc><mc>2</mscripts>
ISO 12083:	x<sup>1</sup>

Item 4 / subscript and superscript 

TeX:		x_1^2
Wolfram:	x_1%2 or x^2%1
MINSE:		(x;1)*2 or 'exp(x;1,2) or 'exp(x .dnidx 1,2)
Display-List/S:	<mscripts>x<mc>1<mc>2</mscripts>
ISO 12083:	x<inf>1</inf><sup>2</sup>

1. The order of scripts immaterial to the TeX rendering, and presumably to
   renderings based on ISO 12083 as well.
2. I'm thinking that "x_1^2" in Wolfram notation will produce what TeX
   does with x_{1^2}.