meeting sep30/oct1

I've had two inquiries already in regard start- and end-times of the
meeting so that air plans can be made.  I'm assuming that we will
start at, say, 9am Monday morning, although it may be that people
living within a short flight to Boston prefer something slightly
later.  Desirable getaway times on Tuesday will probably vary even
more widely.

I'm uncertain as to how long people feel they can wait in making
travel arrangements.  I'm leaving town here for a small vacation at
the end of this month.  If we plan to assemble a tentative agenda by
August 28 (with some lead-in discussion the prior week) so that we can
determine an appropriate meeting duration, will that be enough
lead-time to make suitable plans?  Let me know if you feel otherwise,
and, if you know of certain travel parameters already, let me know those
as well.