meeting sep30/oct1

One of our group has told me of a conflict on Sep30/Oct1 and another
of a conflict on Oct 10/11.  The former suggested we go ahead with the
Sep30/Oct1 dates, so let's fix those now on our schedules.  I will
contact Susan Hardy at W3C about room arrangements.  I assume we will
also want Net connections and some boxes for demonstrating code and
ideas.  Those who will want such equipment should let me know the details.

You may also want information about hotels and perhaps have suggestions
on other logistical aspects of the meeting.  Let me know about these.
And do let me know (a) if you plan on attending, and (b) the dates of
your stay when these become known.  I'd like to use the time available
as fully as possible since I think the face-to-face conversations will
be quite important.