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Date: 08/01/96 08:52:08 AM
Subject: 6th OpenMath Workshop

 I was asked to post a message detailing the conclusions of the 6th  
OpenMath Workshop. However, Professor Gonnet has compiled a very thorough
recapitulation of the discussions and conclusions. Please examine the 
following URL:

(Summary of some discussions and conclusions at the 6th OpenMath Workshop)

 I remained in Zurich until Wednesday and spent quite a bit of time working
with Professor Gonnet on unifying the concepts of contexts and semantic 
dictionaries. We gained much progress in this matter and I will send a summary
regarding our work on content dictionaries in the next few days.

 Below I kindly highlight some discussion and conclusions of the Zurich 
OpenMath workshop.

Best Regards to all,



 Highlights of the 6th OpenMath Workshop (from Professor Gonnet's summary):

 * Context and semantic dictionaries should be unified, and renamed (content
 * The following people are responsible for heading the committees which will 
   define a few of the basic CDs.
      Meta - Gaston Gonnet 
      Basic - Angel Diaz 
      Polynomials - Mark Gaetano 
      LinearAlgebra - Arne Storjohann (subject to confirmation) 
      August  15th - all the committees should be formed.
      October 15th - draft of all the CDs should be available to the 
                     OpenMath community at large 
      December 7th - the definition of the most basic CDs will be frozen
  * Professor Seppala distributed copies of the INFO 2000 program and 
    proposed a budget and framework for further OpenMath funding.
  * There was discussion regarding whether OpenMath should transmit objects 
    alone or objects and commands
  * The 7th OpenMath Workshop will take place in Dublin on December 7-8, 
    1996 (Saturday and Sunday).