Re: Operator precedence parser

Hi Dave.

I got your parser unpacked and working just fine.  I looked over the
code and it seems like you have a nice general framework.  However, I
was pretty surprised to see you decided to implement your own language
instead of something more along the lines of Bruce's proposal and what
we have been talking about in the committee.  

I was also very surprised that you said you were thinking of using
OpenMath for an internal format.  I presume you mean an internal
format for the semantic expression tree, but it sounded as if you
meant to use it for the display list as well.  As you know, I have
been working on a display system more along the lines of Bruce's
proposal, and I am pretty heavily invested in that.  

As you know, Neil and I spent a long weekend working together on more
fully specing out the display layer, and I am in the midst of writing
up that discussion.  I should be able to post that in a day or two.
Maybe you could write up a brief summary of your thinking and current
direction too.  We seem to have gotten out of sync working at a
distance, and we should probably make an effort to make sure the ends
of the tunnel meet in the middle...