proposed agenda for call Monday, 22 July

We have several audiences to whom we're trying to address general
statements describing our approach and work on HTML-Math.  These
include (a) the OpenMath consortium at their workshop the weekend
following this one, (b) Bill Hammond and his (our) colleagues on the
Electronic Mathematics Journals list, and (c) the readers of the
DLI-math list.  The latter venue was suggested to me by Ralph Youngen
after he spoke to some of the attendees of a recent CESSE (Council of
Engineering and Scientific Society Executives) meeting, and found that
the DLIers were inclined to "roll their own" after the meeting in

Apropos these PR efforts, I suggest we use our Monday call to discuss
where we stand, what's clear, what isn't.  I have been aiming to
intersperse broad discussion with micro discussion between now and our
meeting this fall, just because I think it's best to keep the full
range of issues in the air as we develop ideas.  Whatever we discuss
on Monday will not include binding decisions, but will be part of the
general air-clearing that goes on from time to time.  I'm certainly
not trying to exclude anyone from the conversation, recognizing still
that some won't be able to participate.  Given the 3 points of address
listed above, this just seems like a good time to go over things.

I had hoped to have a draft of a response to Bill Hammond out to you
today.  This may still happen, but it may also be delayed until the
weekend.  Even without this, we have the generalities of the Wolfram
proposal (traditional notation, operator-precedence parsing to an
expression tree, display list visual rendering, macros,
template-matching, "notational" basis), many comments from Ping about
the desirability/undesirability of some of these features, views of
other constituencies (e.g. OpenMath and the TeX community as
represented by Hammond's remarks), etc. which may be discussed.  I'll
compose a more definitive list of topics, but welcome suggestions,

I'm also open to other suggestions for discussion as well.