Re: Extensibility: a solution

Hi, everyone.  Aside from being a response, this message is
also to let you know that i've moved to a new location, and
that e-mail is a bit unreliable at the moment.  UUCP is all
we have for now, although this may improve soon.

Ron Whitney wrote:
> Neil kindly volunteered to write down his own reactions and
> post them to the list.

Great.  I'm very much looking forward to this when it is ready.
I hope it will give me a much better picture of what everyone
is thinking right now, as many have probably been to busy to
say anything here.

> It is the time involved for writing considered response
> that is the primary cause for not responding to date.

I understand, and apologize for being impatient.

> And there is further meat to chew on in the recent
> exchanges between Ping and Bruce.
> In the midst of the exchanges, I sense certain electronic friction
> which is most likely due to the distance and time separating all of
> us, not to any ill will in regard ideas or approaches.

True.  Partly this was due to my impatience and a growing
sensation of distress as i inferred that lack of response
meant that no one thought MINSE was worth looking at.

I'm sorry at the level of indignance that may have gotten
through in my responses to Bruce, but at the time i did
feel challenged by his post.

> it may well be possible to set up another appointed time
> for telephone conversation during wakeful hours of both
> the East Coast in the US and Japan, and I'm happy to look into this.

I appreciate the effort to improve communication.  Though
this would help, time isn't really the major factor for me
(i could stay up until any time of night to make the call);
it's expense that is the limiting factor.  Maybe i could
join in one full meeting, and then participate for short
periods in others, but i can't afford to make a regular
habit of long, intercontinental calls.

And thanks for the summary given in your "broad statements"
post -- it has given me some things to think about.