Re: notes on conference call of 15 July

At 2:47 PM 7/15/96, Ron Whitney wrote:
>Ron asked about the possibility of using the display list format as an
>entry point for those who would like to transmit only visual data.
>The idea would be to filter from TeX or the current ISO 12083 Math DTD
>data to display list format directly, rather than trying to "upgrade"
>legacy data or machine-ambiguous data to HTML-Math form.  Neil felt
>that our display list specification already carried much of the
>information which the expression tree carries, and that there is
>nearly a one-one correspondence between the two trees.  Whether this
>is actually true or whether is should be true seem to be questions in
>the air at the moment.  [Bruce, what was your intent?]

Can you clarify the suggestion? I'm not completely sure what is being asked.