agenda for Monday; administrative matters

The traffic has been relatively light this week and works are still in
progress.  I have no specific items for the call on Monday, and am
open to suggestions.  As we decided last week, the meeting will be
called to order promptly at 1:00 EDT unless a member who's told me he
will be attending has not attached yet.

I haven't written up my notes from last week's call, but intend to do
so today or tomorrow.  Raman mentioned last week that he had imported
to AsTeR the AMS example that was recently posted.  We moved on to the
topics of the posted agenda and he never had a chance to return to
this.  It would be interesting to hear further about the experience.

We're still setting up the area for Web access at AMS.  This past week
was odd with various people out.

I've heard from some of you about the proposed meeting dates in
October.  One preference for the Sep 30/Oct 1 has been put forward,
and Bruce has said he'll look closely at his schedule upon returning
Aug 2.  Raman is in some doubt as to whether he'll be able to get
funding to go.  He asked about the possibility of holding the meeting
on the West Coast, and I replied with the several reasons I see for
holding it in Boston.  Others should let me know if they have strong
feeling one way or another on meeting in Boston or, say, California.
Susan Hardy at W3C is looking into the possible arrangements for a
Boston meeting on the dates we're considering.

Susan is also looking into arrangements with MIT regarding another
time for conferencing by phone.  We spoke of 7:00 pm EDT as a time
which might work for US West Coast (4:00 pm) and Japan (8:00 am).
Later than 7:00 is liable to land at a transition time for West
Coasters.  I'm also thinking we might do this on Wednesdays or
Thursdays (Thursdays or Fridays in Japan).  Anyone who thinks he might
like to participate in these calls, should contact me about pros and
cons of times and days.

Given that Bob Sutor is on the Steering Committee of OpenMath, I spoke
to him about the possibility of informally representing our current
thinking and work at the July Workshop in Zurich.  Bob felt that he
could probably do so if he has a chance to ingest the material we have
to date.  Please pass on interests or concerns you may have to Bob
(and to the rest of us, for that matter).  I assume that Bob will able
to report reciprocally about the Workshop to us.