Robert Sutor joins us

Guess Ron's pseudo random sort had a bug that resulted in my name getting

--Raman (Adobe Systems)
Ron Whitney writes:
 > Robert Sutor has just joined this list.  We are, of course, familiar
 > with Robert's work on techexplorer.  He is a Research Staff Member in
 > the Mathematical Sciences Department of the IBM Watson Research Center
 > in Yorktown Heights.  Robert is also a member of the Steering
 > Committee of the OpenMath Consortium.
 > Welcome, Robert.  The rest of us are (in pseudo-random order):
 > Dave Raggett, Phill Hallam-Baker	W3C
 > Steven Hunt, Brenda Hunt, Bruce Smith,
 >   Theo Gray, Neil Soiffer		Wolfram Research
 > Nico Poppelier				Elsevier Science
 > Ralph Youngen, Patrick Ion,
 >   Ron Whitney				American Mathematical Society
 > Stan Devitt				Waterloo Maple
 > James King, Paul Topping		Design Science
 > Robert Miner				The Geometry Center
 > Ka-Ping Yee				Tattori University/University of Waterloo

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