Robert Sutor joins us

Robert Sutor has just joined this list.  We are, of course, familiar
with Robert's work on techexplorer.  He is a Research Staff Member in
the Mathematical Sciences Department of the IBM Watson Research Center
in Yorktown Heights.  Robert is also a member of the Steering
Committee of the OpenMath Consortium.

Welcome, Robert.  The rest of us are (in pseudo-random order):

Dave Raggett, Phill Hallam-Baker	W3C

Steven Hunt, Brenda Hunt, Bruce Smith,
  Theo Gray, Neil Soiffer		Wolfram Research

Nico Poppelier				Elsevier Science

Ralph Youngen, Patrick Ion,
  Ron Whitney				American Mathematical Society

Stan Devitt				Waterloo Maple

James King, Paul Topping		Design Science

Robert Miner				The Geometry Center

Ka-Ping Yee				Tattori University/University of Waterloo