Re: Extensibility: a solution

One of the agenda yesterday on our phone call was the matter of
discussing Ping's postings to this list so that response could be
made.  I did *not* have the sense that the Board members present for
discussion were unamimous in their reactions to Ping's postings, but I
did have the sense that all present were concerned that some response
be made.  Neil kindly volunteered to write down his own reactions and
post them to the list.

I think that Ping's suggestions are taking a different tack than the
direction the group had outlined sometime before Ping joined the list.
Alternative directions are quite valuable to consider, but as in any
other group effort, it takes some time to absorb and react to
difference, not to mention actually make change.  It is the time
involved for writing considered response that is the primary cause for
not responding to date.  And there is further meat to chew on in the
recent exchanges between Ping and Bruce.

In the midst of the exchanges, I sense certain electronic friction
which is most likely due to the distance and time separating all of
us, not to any ill will in regard ideas or approaches.  We discussed
in the phone call that it may well be possible to set up another
appointed time for telephone conversation during wakeful hours of both
the East Coast in the US and Japan, and I'm happy to look into this.
In the meantime, let's not let the logistical difficulties and the
slow time for reaction dispirit the group effort.


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