Re: Stretchy Operators

Patrick D. F. Ion wrote:
> There are expressions in high-energy physics that I don't think
> used to have matching vast parens before algorithmic typsetting
> took over from visually oriented.

Yes, the graphical MINSE renderer currently does grow its grouping
structures.  It's the simplest way to facilitate visual matching.

> For instance, in the case ||x-a| sin(b)| the important thing is
> probably that the outer vert pair be associated together and not
> be confused with the inner.
> Personally I don't think the outer modulus here needs
> to be displayed larger at all.

In this case, i think i would prefer if they were.  But that's
a matter of taste.  This should be configurable by setting style
parameters, something which is easy to do with the extensibility
that MINSE already has.  (Download a style file that redefines one
function -- the one for grouping -- and you're done.)
> In addition there are constructions like the semi-open
> interval notation [a,b) which might have to have explicit pairings added.

You wouldn't have to worry about this if you treated semi-open
intervals as a compound on their own.