agenda for call, July 8

Following is a proposed agenda for Monday's conference call.  Other
suggestions are welcome.  I'd like to make sure that people have some
time to digest comments and questions ahead of time, so I suggest that
proposals for discussion be made by the Friday in advance of the
actual call.


Proposed agenda:

1. Smallish administrative matters
   a. We kick around for a few minutes at the beginning of each call.
      This is not a big deal, but I'll probably start up either at
      an assigned time (e.g. at 1:00 EDT now or 1:05) or when everyone
      who's mentioned ahead of time that they will be attending has
      attached, whichever is later.  Those who don't mind being a little
      late are welcome to attach whenever they can make it.
   b. I contacted Arjeh Cohen about retrieving information about OpenMath
      and perhaps discussing what our respective parties are doing.  He
      welcomed discussion, suggesting someone of us attend their Zurich
      Workshop the last weekend of July.  John Abbott also suggested that
      one of us give a 15- to 45-minute presentation on what we're doing.
      I'm not inclined to go myself, but if someone closer can attend,
      mutual understanding seems like a Good Thing.

2. Let's discuss some of the recent postings on the list, in order:
   a. Ping's items
   b. Robert's questions and proposals regarding accents and stretchiness
   c. Patrick's suggestion/question regarding objects such as "the complex
      numbers" and "the SL functor"
   d. Ron's posting which attempted to show conversion from TeX to HTML-Math;
      comments solicited on the encoding and the possible treatment of