Re: Implementation Question -- accents

rminer@geom.umn.edu writes:
> Bruce's proposal doesn't deal with accents, math or otherwise.  I
> presume a lot of work on ordinary accents has already been done by
> other w3c groups.  Does someone know the status of any other efforts?
> Regardless of how accents are handled in text, we will probably want
> our own methods for math accents.  It seems to me that the standard
> ones (tilde, bar, vec, dot, double dot, hat, etc) can be handled by
> the current display list machinery with the (moverscript ... ) schema,
I believe you have to differentiate between accents (up, down or middle)
and overline/underline. The way we use it in the Elsevier journal DTDs
is as follows: accents are always over/under/through one symbol or character.
Overline and underline can be over multiple characters. Default ornament
is a line; other possibilities are ^ ~ { [ and a few more. There are also
styles: all ornaments can be bold, some can double (line, [ () some
can triple, be dashed, dotted. I can provide more details if people wish.


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