Re: Font changes

Robert mentions that he is currently assuming:

> The author will, of course, be *able* to override the default
> processing by adding HTML mark up.

I don't quibble with being able to specify fonts, although I haven't
been assuming that an author would be able to do so with HTML markup.

I believe Bruce's original proposal did use HTML markup for fonts.  I
think it makes some sense, though, to restrict HTML-style font changes
to textual material embedded within mathematical notation, and require
a prefix-operator style convention in the math itself.  I'm not wedded
to this point of view (and can also think, "Why split hairs with
authors?"), but would like to suggest to authors that math font
changes are different than textual font changes (thereby forcing all
authors to be logic-choppers --- ugh).  Perhaps: we're using
SGML-style markup to indicate structural changes, but a font change in
math is more on the order of an embellishment, not affecting status as
operator or identifier.  I'm thinking aloud.  Maybe I'm just feeling
that HTML-style font change notation is a bit of an invasion into the
mathematical notation realm, and like the math/text split if we can
keep it.  Other opinions welcome.