Re: Font changes

>In particular, I need to put some machinery in place to handle font
>changes, so that one can render vectors in bold, etc.  One option is
>to add an "internal schema" such as
>        (mfont "font data" args)
>where "font data" would be things like "Bold", "Upright",
>"BoldUpright" and so on.  The effect would be to override the default
>font for (mi ... ) entries in the scope of the (mfont ...).

Fonts have several orthogonal attributes such as weight, slant, size,
family, color, encoding.  This list is not exhaustive.  We should make
sure that whatever mechanism we have for changing a font attribute cleanly
changes just that attribute, and doesn't reset other attritributes.
Eg, changing the font weight to bold should not affect whether the font
is plain, italics, oblique, red, green, etc.  We should also make sure that
we can change all of the important attributes of a font.

I thought we were going to try and be compatible with font specifications
as used (planned?) in the rest of html.  Is your proposal compatible with
normal html font specifications?