Font changes


As you all know, I am putting together a Java applet that handles the
rendering from the "display list" to the screen.  In the process of
doing that, I am coming up against the items on Bruce's list of
Additional Topics.

In particular, I need to put some machinery in place to handle font
changes, so that one can render vectors in bold, etc.  One option is
to add an "internal schema" such as

	(mfont "font data" args)

where "font data" would be things like "Bold", "Upright",
"BoldUpright" and so on.  The effect would be to override the default
font for (mi ... ) entries in the scope of the (mfont ...).

Another option is to add font arguments to the (mi ...) schema, ie

	(mi "v" "BoldUpright")

No doubt there are other solutions too.  I think I favor the first
method slightly, but I am willing to be pursuaded.

Any comments?