Re: more comments on HTML-Math proposal

>While reading the discussion between Bruce Smith and Ron Whitney, I
>have come to the conclusion that the plug-in solution will not
>work, because we need the possibility of anchor's within math,
>and math in text in math. I'd like to see what you all think
>about this, since this is what Dave proposed e.g. at the DLI
>Math meeting in Illinois.

The current plugin interfaces seem to have so many limitations that they
can't support decent rendering of math as part of a larger document (as
it always is). As Dave said, some of the most basic issues (like font
size and baseline info) may be fixed. Whether and how soon this happens
remains to be seen. Meanwhile I think we have no choice but to design
HTML-Math "optimistically" even though we know that some of its
features will be handled worse or not at all by plugins as opposed to
integrated browsers. Hopefully at least one browser will be given the
ability to render HTML-Math decently, which ought to put some pressure
on the other browser vendors to do so.

One of our tasks should of course be to enumerate the features a plugin
interface would need, or ought to have, to support HTML-Math well.