more comments on HTML-Math proposal

I've read the proposal from Wolfram Research again. Some more

I agree with Ron Whitney, and should have said so before, that the
effort that has gone into this proposal is substantial, and this
is really concrete stuff we can "chew on".
I also had the feeling for some time, and the same feeling exists
in the SGML community, that the developments of HTML-Math and of
HTML in general were suffering from a NIH syndrome. I also
see that extensible languages are hard to realize within the
possibilities of the SGML language. I certainly support the use
of ISO TR 9573 entity names for mathematical and technical symbols,
as I have written earlier.

While reading the discussion between Bruce Smith and Ron Whitney, I
have come to the conclusion that the plug-in solution will not
work, because we need the possibility of anchor's within math,
and math in text in math. I'd like to see what you all think
about this, since this is what Dave proposed e.g. at the DLI
Math meeting in Illinois.



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