Re: OpenMath

>>It will not address the transport protocal that is part of OpenMath
>>(in my opinion, far and away the most important part), and that part
>>will still be left open for OpenMath to solve.  WRI volunteered to
>>donate a solution (MathLink), but NIH rules there as elsewhere...and so
>>they still don't have a solution.
>I think it critical to _not_ attempt to address that issue in the markup 
>definition. About the same time the Web was being put together CMU put together 
>an "all or nothing" package called Andrew. The system was pretty unsuccessfull 
>getting other places to adopt it until they broke it up into AFS, what became 
>the basis of MIME and a number of other usefull modules.
>There are many people looking at the transport issue and at the moment the lead 
>solution technically seems to be ACTOR based systems such as ActiveX.
>	Phill

In case it wasn't clear, I was saying we are not (and should) be looking
at the transport issue.