comments; parser proposal

I sent four letters to w3c-math-erb@w3.org but they seem not to have
been mailed out. I've reported this repeat of the old problem I thought
was fixed. Meanwhile, fortunately, the letters did show up correctly
in the mailing list archive accessible from Dave's math home page,

     * parser proposal
          + From: Bruce Smith <bruce@wolfram.com>
     * Re: Dave's current thoughts
          + From: Bruce Smith <bruce@wolfram.com>
     * Re: minutes; operator context
          + From: Bruce Smith <bruce@wolfram.com>
     * Re: minutes; SGML compatibility
          + From: Bruce Smith <bruce@wolfram.com>

(most recent first -- i.e. best to read them from the bottom up).

If there is time to read these before the conference call
thismorning, that would be best. Sorry for the late notice.
(And for the inconvenience of not receiving them by email.)

- Bruce