list not working again

Tonight I sent the first messages from Wolfram.com since you
removed my personal name from the list membership. They showed up
in the archive at W3C, but apparently did not get sent out on the list --
at least not to bruce@wolfram.com (via w3-math) or to oresmus@netcom.com!
This is the old problem back again!

Sorry I did not test it right away after you removed my name.

It is very mysterious how the messages show up correctly in the archives
but don't get sent out.

I did get the messages from dsr@w3.org sent recently to the list.
I did not get any from anyone else since then, but I did not check
the archive to see whether there were any. If there were any
since March 19th except from Dave (and maybe an Out Of The Office msg),
I did not get them.